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Welcome to The Schoolhouse Preschool Academy!

The Schoolhouse's mission, as an educational provider is to partner with families and community to create unimaginable learning experiences for young learners that cultivates learning, challenge and choice.

What Our Families Are Saying

"Kudos to the Schoolhouse! My family and I were on a road trip and we were discussing why the children weren't in school and why Columbus Day is significant in U.S. history. I had six children in the car, including an 8th, 6th and 3rd grader...none of whom could provide any real insight. However, my five year old who attends The Schoolhouse said, 'I know mommy'...and proceeded to share with us a history lesson on Christopher Columbus AND the name of his 3 ships!"

The Schoolhouse Rocks!

"First, our situation is unique in that my husband travels extensively, and, therefore, my comfort with a location was extremely important to our family. Due to the heavy involvement that I would have in contrast with my husband's inability to be present, it was very important for me to feel comfortable and for our son to be welcomed in his new learning environment. 

Second, our search began in distress due to a very bad experience at a previous location. So our mindset may have been a bit 'heightened' in light of the events that had been taking place previously. With that in mind, our standards were quite high! We wanted our son to be welcomed with open arms into a loving community of children and teachers alike. I mean come on... that's not so much to ask! ;) 

Lastly... and ultimately our story of what brought us to The Schoolhouse is quite interesting. In desperation, my husband and I reached out to whomever we possibly could to get recommendations or suggestions of anything from in home nanny care to different locations around the city for childcare. A friend also took this a step further and asked her colleagues for suggestions. We then were recommended to The Schoolhouse from a friend of a friend who couldn't speak highly enough of your school, so we thought we'd check it out. My husband is a major researcher in all capacities. He digs deep for any and all information whether good or bad when making a decision. I have a love-hate relationship with this part of his personality :) However, when it comes to our son, I'm completely on board and love the fact that he will spend hours searching for any and all information concerning how our son will be treated, educated, counseled and, hopefully, loved. In the end, he couldn't find one single bad review or comment regarding The Schoolhouse so we decided we'd check it out. All in all, we loved the thoroughness of The Schoolhouse in that no detail was left out. Our son and his education were and continue to be the priority within the facility. We saw this quality from the moment my husband came to visit with The Schoolhouse and its staff. The environment is inviting and kid friendly, but not "busy" and "distracting" in a way that seems overwhelming. The communication between the staff and our family is incredible. We love that there isn't a day that goes by where there isn't something fun or interesting communicated to us regarding our son. We love that when we drop him off in the morning, he immediately runs to his classroom and begins his day excitedly. We love that the staff interacts so well with not only our son but all of the children in a way that is more of a mentor, teacher, and caregiver rather than a “babysitter”. We love the weekly updates we receive on his accomplishments and goals for the upcoming weeks, and we love that we feel like we are now involved with a new and extended family. We appreciate the care the staff takes with our son in the way they help him learn new and exciting life goals and milestones, which include everything from putting on his jacket to building new friendships. We are thankful that The Schoolhouse came into our lives at the exact right moment and have been a blessing to our son and our family. We are hopeful for the future and the possibilities that The Schoolhouse has given our son."

Thank you!!!
Sandy G.

"We love having our son attend The Schoolhouse! He is very comfortable with all of the teachers and staff and looks forward to each new day of learning. The wide range of educational activities keeps him engaged and motivated to grow. As parents, we love the academic reports on our son, which include pictures and testimonies from the week! The Director, Ms. Angilla Jones, brings that extra spark of energy and excitement into The Schoolhouse and constantly brings new innovation into the classrooms. We believe in the vision of The Schoolhouse and are proud to be a part of this awesome learning community!"

Mark & Jessica

"Shortly after turning 2, our son started at The Schoolhouse. While it was not his first experience in a preschool, he was a little apprehensive about a new environment.   The Schoolhouse staff went out of the way to make him feel comfortable and loved by taking extra time at drop-off to comfort and soothe him. He was even allowed to wear his pj's or bring a special toy from home to calm him.  His separation anxiety quickly went away.  

Within 2 weeks of learning at The Schoolhouse, we noticed so many positive changes in our son. His confidence in toilet training was boosted, and his creativity soared.  His math and reading skills seemed to skyrocket. As a parent, I look for many things in a school environment: will the staff love and care for my child as if he were their own? Will my child be challenged (not pushed or bullied) to learn and explore? Will his teachers celebrate his success and help instill pride in my child? 

These seem to be obvious criteria, and they are very important.  There are less obvious things that were not initially on my list, and The Schoolhouse has shown me that I can expect much more from a preschool.  The Schoolhouse proved that it is also possible to teach my child respect for himself and others.  Daily they encourage him to think independently, while he learns how to interact in groups and teams. 

The outdoor play area at  The Schoolhouse is another treat for my son.  With tire swings, tricycles and REAL dirt, sand and trees (not the recycled tires that make up so many playgrounds today), my son gets to connect with nature daily in ways that many play and learning environments don't offer. Only at The Schoolhouse does my son get to wear his rain boots to splash in puddles, create fanciful meals in the 'Mud Kitchen' and investigate real worms, lizards and butterflies in their natural habitat. 

We are thrilled that our son has had the opportunity to learn at The Schoolhouse! Keep up the great work."

Birdhouse Parent 

"I have two children currently at The Schoolhouse, and I have seen tremendous growth in both my children academically and socially.  The staff is always courteous and friendly.  They make you feel like you are a part of the family.

My daughter was somewhat shy, but she has blossomed into this beautiful social butterfly right before my eyes. The encouragement she receives while learning has helped her become more confident in herself.

My son arrived at The Schoolhouse unable to formulate words, and I was told he would be a slow learner.  He has progressed exponentially!  Not only can he formulate words but he can articulate sentences and is currently learning how to write them.

The love the teachers exude for each and every student is what a parent hopes for when they look for "THE SCHOOL" but never receive.  I know being a mom and working full time has it challenges all its own, but having a place like The Schoolhouse eases the stress and guilt of not being with them 24/7.

Nothing is like a mother's love and compassion.... but The Schoolhouse gets it pretty close. 

The Schoolhouse is more than a school.... it's a family."

Shlonda E.

"Our entire family feels that there is no place like The Schoolhouse!  My grandson is loved, protected and taught the most valuable way anyone could ever imagine!

Being able to log into the website is a tool that our family in other states cherish!  They do not feel they are missing out on his growth when they can watch his progress.

The staff is the finest ever and we are a family."

Millie Jo

Reason for changing schools:

I had my daughter at a local daycare from 1-3 years old. As she got into the oldest class she would be in prior to their PreK program, I became more and more unsatisfied. My daughter was not stimulated in that environment and didn't seem to connect with the teaching style there. There were lots of kids, lots of wildness, lots of yelling from particular teachers -- basically lots of cattle herding. For example, she received an award for "Knowing her ABC's" yet she could barely get past the letter E at the time. The Director did not seem to feel that any of her instructors could do any wrong there, and I knew at that time that I was not receiving any individual attention, whether I was a squeaky wheel or not -- and certainly my daughter wasn't either in class.

What I was looking for:

A few months before her 4th birthday, I knew it was time to move on. I felt my daughter needed an environment that was as stimulating as possible for her. I wanted her to receive individual attention when possible, and to be somewhere that was able to truly celebrate and appreciate the aspects of her personality that make her who she is. Basically, I wanted a school where the staff actually KNEW my child after spending several hours each day with her! I also wanted to see that she was learning. Every child has a different learning style and environment that he/she will react to best. I want my daughter to have as much fun and support as she can before she is thrown into the school system with a much larger student-to-teacher ratio.

How my child’s needs have been met:

We love The Schoolhouse! We'll have been there a year in June 2014. From the moment I walked in, I just knew it was the right place. The environment was homelike, warm and welcoming. The staff is present and engaged, always friendly and very open to communication be it by text, email, phone or in person.  The staff always make time versus making excuses and only strive for how they can better serve the students' needs. We enjoy their teaching style and philosophy.  It's a great fit for our family: just the right combination of independent learning and activity, group projects with classmates, responsibility in the classroom, one-on-one time with the teacher, group lessons from the teacher and fun. The teachers don't scream and yell, they don't have to; they have control of their classrooms while still allowing for individual expression and exploration. I'm big on health and also enjoy not having to subject my daughter to whatever food cafeterias provide, so I don't mind being required to pack a lunch. It is worth the extra 10 minutes of preparation in the morning.

Her growth:

My daughter thrives on The Schoolhouse's well-rounded, whole teaching experience, rather than just sticking to a lesson plan. This is a rare find these days, and to provide my child with this during her most formative years is important to our family. I personally love how the school focuses on health. Their focus on asking "Is this healthy?" has my child analyzing nearly every item she eats, so we have a conversation about treats vs. healthy meals vs. junk, all the time. I feel that this school has met my daughter right where she is, and has enhanced her traits since walking in. Her teacher has been able to connect with her enough to allow her to deeply grasp the fundamental concepts of a kindergarten level while she's in PreK. The discipline style used at her school is calm, controlled and respectful. I also feel the families that gravitate to this school really make it what it is as well.  I love the school's connection to the local community and how they bring the community into the school and the school to the community. We can't wait for PreK graduation, all the fun they have during summertime and the start of the kindergarten school year. As a busy, working mother, I couldn't ask for anything more in where my child spends the bulk of her day and only wish I had discovered The Schoolhouse sooner! 

Lana P.

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