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School Overview

The Schoolhouse is a learning community for children ages one to five who are taught by teachers who embrace the joys of learning and its unimaginable possibilities. Our engaging educational environment invites young learners to explore their sense of wonder while fostering learning, challenge and choice. It is our goal to provide a balances, enjoyable, nurturing environment where every young learner can develop to his or her full potential while being steeped in healthy amounts of play!

What We Believe
We believe that young learner have a right to a beginning that cultivates limitless possibilities. Their first impression of eduction should be met not only with honor but a compassion for who they are.
When We Work Together
We recognize that forming and shaping rich environments for young learners is only possible when we value family and community as partners. Working together is an essential ingredient to being the best possible stewards of the next generation.
Where Does Learning Take Place?

The environments within The Schoolhouse are considered to be teachers as well, both indoors and outdoors.

Inside the thoughtfully configured classrooms caters to the nurturing comforts of home while featuring authentic, developmentally appropriate materials that promotes literacy, language, music, art, science, math, practical life, social and motor skills.

Outside the natural playscape offers multiple opportunities to apply and reinforce concepts taught in the classroom. Learners can be seen planting and maintaining flower and vegetable gardens, creating science experiments with natural resource, exploring small insects, investigating the changes in nature, building structures or simply letting their imagination lead them to new discoveries.

Why An Ivy League Beginning?

Young learners are experiencing the most critical developmental periods of their lives. Providing them with the best ingredients to cultivate life-long learning is our answer to enriching their learning experience.

The many dimensions to our inquiry-based approach guide our development of curriculum and learning milestones. Our primary goal is to integrate into projects and investigations topics in which the young learners have shown interest.

The Schoolhouse is inspired by the works of Howard Gardners' Multiple Intelligences theory, the philosophical approach of Reggio Emilia and the methods of Montessori.

The Schoolhouse  |  2466 Buford Highway  |  Duluth, GA 30097  |  Phone: 678-240-2507 |  Email:

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